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Unity. Equity. Importance


To dissolve the socioeconomic stigmas associated with Black and Brown men. Actively working towards overtaking and abolishing the effects of systemic discrimination and disenfranchisement on the Black and Brown communities through Education, Empowerment, and Inclusion.

Educating by providing a platform to share, discuss, and provide knowledge to assist with decisions that directly impact not only Dads, but the entire community.
Empowering by taking that knowledge gained and progressing the socioeconomic position of our demographic through active participation within schools, businesses, and public offices.
Inclusion by cooperatively developing and executing plans that funnel more educated, empowered, experienced, talented, and qualified personnel from our community into influential positions within the S.T.E.M., Business, Entertainment, and Governmental arenas that directly impact our environment.  

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our story 

Don't Shoot My Dad is an organization that gives a forum for the black and brown community to spread awareness of the importance of their Dads in America, and why they shouldn't be continuously devalued. While singling out Dads, our mission is inclusive and sensitive to the needs of all black and brown men.

Our origin was birthed from an age old outcry and a bleeding heart from a community in need. A movement in a purposeful direction and a targeted mission. The equation to get there is very dynamic and ever changing. There has not been and will not be a singular answer to this equation, but the components that we at DSMD input will always comprise of Unity, Equity, and Importance.

Our logo tells our story. Each element has a significant representation.

The brown spectrum represents the different hues of people within the black and brown community. 


4479 represents the strength and the range of black and brown fathers in this country. 44 represents the 44th President of this nation, a black father. 7 represents the 7-times an unarmed black father was shot in the back by law enforcement. 9 represents the almost 9 minutes law enforcement held their knee on the back of an unarmed black father's neck as he laid on the ground suffocating. 

our logo


Let's Converse

Join the conversation of our community by going to our forum. 

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DSMD in the Community 

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